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Choose from our Shimmering Gins, Vodkas and Liqueurs!

Pick and choose your own 10 flavours of 50ml bottles, smartly packed in a luxurious, light up box with a magnetic lid, battery operated LED strip already installed and a foam insert.

Makes a luxurious display, a great gift for yourself or loved ones, or an exciting way to try 10 of our amazing Shimmering spirits! IT CAN EVEN BE USED AS A DAZZLING CHRISTMAS ADVENT CALANDER!

Pick 10 of you own flavours from the list below

Shimmering Plain Gin
Shimmering Elderflower Gin
Shimmering Blood Orange Gin

Shimmering Plain Vodka
Shimmering Lime Vodka
Shimmering Apple Vodka
Shimmering Passionfruit Vodka
Shimmering Caramel Vodka
Shimmering Chocolate Hazelnut Vodka
Shimmering Sambuca Vodka

Shimmering Peach Liqueur
Shimmering Pomegranate Liqueur
Shimmering Blueberry Liqueur
Shimmering Watermelon Liqueur
Shimmering Raspberry Liqueur
Shimmering Bubblegum Liqueur
Shimmering Pina Colada Liqueur
Shimmering Habanero Storm Liqueur
Shimmering Chocolate Cream Liqueur
Shimmering Espresso Liqueur