Shimmering Blueberry & Lime Mojito

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Shimmering Blueberry & Lime Mojitos are the perfect choice for spring cocktails!
Perfectly sweet and refreshing - this will become your favourite cocktail in no time!!!

Includes 1x 500ml Shimmering Blueberry Liqueur, and 1x 500ml Shimmering Lime Vodka.
Shimmering Blueberry & Lime Mojito Recipe:
1, Add ice to glass.
2, Add 60ml Shimmering Blueberry Liqueur.
3, Slowly fill with lemonade, making sure to leave space to;
4, Add 15ml Shimmering Lime Vodka.
5, Garnish with a lime slice, mint, and Blueberries!
(Amounts can be adjusted to your personal taste)

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