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Lime Vodka, Passionfruit Vodka -

A fun and tropical mojito perfect for how light and refreshing it is! A must for any get together.


🌿30ml Small Mouth Shimmering Passionfruit Vodka

🌿30ml Small Mouth Shimmering Lime Vodka


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Blueberry Liqueur, Plain Gin -

This cocktail is a vibrant twist on an old classic that is hard to stop at only one!


🫐30ml Small Mouth Shimmering Plain Gin

🫐30ml Small Mouth Shimmering Blueberry Liqueur

🫐250ml of soda wa...

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Apple Vodka, Habanero Storm Liqueur -

This Margarita-esque drink has all the wintery flavours but with a unique freshness!


🍏30ml Small Mouth Shimmering Apple Vodka

🍏45ml Small Mouth Shimmering Habanero Storm Liqueur

🍏125ml of ...

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Bubblegum Liqueur, Pomegranate Liqueur -

This Daiquiri is a pink and luscious slushy take on the classic Daiquiri!


🌸45ml Small Mouth Shimmering Bubblegum Liqueur

🌸45ml Small Mouth Shimmering Pomegranate Liqueur

🌸100ml of pineappl...

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Caramel Vodka, Chocolate Hazelnut Vodka, Melly's Mixes -

“Alcoholic Snickers”

This cocktail highlights everything you love in a Snickers bar - Caramel, Chocolate and Nuts!


🍫30ml Small Mouth Shimmering Chocolate Hazelnut Vodka

🍫30ml Small Mouth Shi...

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