Spiked Snickers Milkshake

Caramel Vodka, Chocolate Hazelnut Vodka, Melly's Mixes -

Spiked Snickers Milkshake

“Alcoholic Snickers”

This cocktail highlights everything you love in a Snickers bar - Caramel, Chocolate and Nuts!


🍫30ml Small Mouth Shimmering Chocolate Hazelnut Vodka

🍫30ml Small Mouth Shimmering Caramel Vodka

🍫4 scoops ice cream (we went with chocolate but vanilla works too!)

🍫150ml of milk

🍫Chocolate and/or caramel sauce for garnish

🍫Whipped cream

🍫Chopped Nuts

🍫mini Snickers bar


🍨Dip the rim of a large milkshake glass into chocolate sauce and then into the chopped nuts.

🍨Refrigerate while doing the next step.

🍨Into a Blender add Chocolate Hazelnut Vodka, Caramel Vodka, ice cream, and milk.

🍨Blend until smooth.

🍨Pour into refrigerated glass and top with whipped cream.

🍨Garnish with small Snickers bar.

🍨Drizzle with chocolate and/or caramel sauce.


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