Shimmering Boozy Affogato

Chocolate Hazelnut Vodka, Espresso Liqueur -

Shimmering Boozy Affogato

This Espresso-and-dessert-in-one is sure to hit the spot in cooler winter months!


15ml Small Mouth Shimmering Chocolate Hazelnut Vodka

30ml Small Mouth Shimmering Espresso Liqueur

☕1-2 scoops of gelato ice cream - vanilla, or chocolate


🍨Scoop the balls of really cold gelato ice cream into a small glass or dessert glass.

🍨Heat up in a small saucepan Espresso Liqueur.

🍨Serve the alcohol in shot glasses on a plate beside the gelato ice cream.

🍨Pour hot Espresso Liqueur and cold Chocolate Hazelnut Vodka onto gelato ice cream.

🍨Eat immediately with a dessert spoon.


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  • Kathy Turner

    I purchased the shimmering espresso
    What do I need to add to it to make an espresso martini

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