Blood Orange Margarita

Blood Orange Gin, Habanero Storm Liqueur -

Blood Orange Margarita

Our friends at Vincent St Kitchen + Bar have featured this delightful Cocktail this month and itโ€™s delicious!

The sweet-tart Blood Orange flavour intensifies the Margarita-ness of it which is perfect as an Autumn Cocktail!


๐ŸŠ30mlย Small Mouth Shimmering Blood Orange Gin

๐ŸŠ45ml Small Mouth Shimmering Habanero Storm Liqueur

๐ŸŠ30ml of lime juice

๐ŸŠ30ml of sour mix (15ml sugar syrup and 15ml citrus juice)

๐ŸŠ15ml sugar syrup

๐ŸŠDash of bitters

๐ŸŠDash of lemonade

๐ŸŠRock salt and lime wedge for garnish

๐ŸŠCup of ice


๐ŸธRub lime on rim of martini glass.

๐ŸธDip rim in rock salt.

๐ŸธInto a cocktail shaker addย Shimmering Blood Orange Gin, Shimmering Habanero Storm Liqueur, Ice, lime juice and sugar mix and shake.

๐ŸธStrain ice and pour into martini glass.

๐ŸธAdd a dash of bitters and lemonade.

๐ŸธGarnish with lime wedge


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