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Berry Pink Gin -

If you love a bubbly Pink Gin Cocktail, then you will be head over heels for this super easy cocktail recipe! It is the perfect go-to cocktail for anytime of the year!


πŸ“50ml Small Mouth Shi...

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Peach Liqueur -

This is one of the most easy, refreshing and fruity Summer cocktails out there!


πŸ‘60ml Small Mouth Shimmering Peach Liqueur

πŸ‘2-3 Cups of Ice

πŸ‘1 Mango Cheek (Diced)


πŸ₯­Into a blen...

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Blueberry Liqueur -

This decadent cocktail tastes just like a slice of Blueberry cream pie in a glass!


🫐60ml Small Mouth Shimmering Blueberry Liqueur

🫐1 cup of ice

🫐60ml Pineapple juice

🫐60ml Coconut milk


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Bubblegum Liqueur -

The childhood favourite is back, albeit with an alcoholic twist! Fun and flirty - you won’t stop at one!


🍬60ml Small Mouth Shimmering Bubblegum Liqueur

🍬1 large scoop of vanilla ice cream


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Plain Gin, Watermelon Liqueur -

This cocktail is incredibly vibrant, refreshing and quick to make. it’s the perfect combination of sweet melon, zingy lemon and flavoursome gin!


πŸ‰150ml Small Mouth Shimmering Gin

πŸ‰400ml Sma...

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